Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'd Like You to Meet...

Biddies and Precious
I used have dogs and cats, but that changed as soon as I had my first child. Too busy for animals. I pet sit often for extra stash cash, so I've had plenty of opportunities to enjoy other peoples pets. In fact I love OTHER people's pets. Well at the beginning of summer I inherited my son's cats. It was only supposed to be until they sold the house (staging, right?) No problemo! come stay at Kitty Hilton, I have a master suite at their disposal. Unfortunately he got kicked out with the kitties! So the story goes, my son got a divorce and I got custody of the girls. I guess now I'm a cat person. He loves his girls dearly and as soon as he gets settled (it's the batchelor life for him), he will take his girls, but now I get to feed and care for them. They are quite endearing. I swore I wouldn't get attached. But how could I resist?
Now don't you think they would look cute in those LHDG Cherry Baby Kitty bibs that they are going to give away here:
I'd like to give a special shout out to my doggie friends Rio, Daisy and Grizzy. Please don't be mad, I still love you too!
To get in the mood for the new season and because this is supposed
to be about quilting, here is a picture of a little wall hanging I made for a dear friend many years ago :-)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Muddy But Nice!

Yesterday ended up being a wonderful day. It rained on Quilting In the Garden though. I called ahead and found they had hung all of the quilts indoors. Hmm, it was going to be a muddy, crowded show but wanted to meet up with some special friends. It was sooo worth it. We had a good time looking at all of the quilts and chatting with Alex. We said goodbye to one our group and headed over to Inbetween Sitches and LUNCH at the Railroad Cafe. This little place has great food and they close at 2, so we just made it. We had to wait about 15 minutes and would you believe they told us we could wait in the quilt shop, they came and got us when our table was ready!! How's that for service! LOL I Love it! Potato pancake and fruit, yummm. Inbetween Stitches was packed, got a chance say hi to Pam and the crew and shop a little. Then we headed out to the Diablo Valley Guild show. What nice surprise that little show was. It's grown since the last one and had some very nice quilts. It was great day and I was worn out!! My purchases were minimal. I'm so proud. I must be preoccupied with pumpkins :-) This is all I bought and no Darlene, not joining you yet! ( oh how I want to!) Also, I've added a flicker album to the left. There are some pics of both shows in the albums.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Quilt Season in the Bay Area

These are pictures from last year's Quilting in the Garden. It's a wonderful event that I look forward to all year long. And guess what? It's happening again tomorrow!! I hope the weather holds, because a lot of work goes into hanging all of the quilts up in the old oak trees. The show is two days, but I'm going tomorrow hoping to meet up with my quilting buds, Holly, Pat, Nancy and Debbie. With a little luck I'll also run into Alex Anderson (and if I'm really lucky her parents too), Elizabeth from Late Bloomer and Pam her sidekick (Pamkittymorning). One of my favorite shops is also in Livermore, InBetween Stitches, of course I will stop there. Here is the back of their their tent at QIF last year , Alex signing t-shirts and some quilts hanging.
Other happenings include a local guild quilt show. a stop at another favorite shop "Quilter's Inn" and then Thimble Creek where Joanna from Fig Tree Quilts will be signing her new book.
Next month PIQF is the big happening ! It seems we go for months with no quilt happenings and then... It's THE SEASON! :-) More tomorrow. nite nite

Pumpkin Auditions Are Now Closed

Oh my, what a process this has been. I know, you're wondering what the big deal is, it's only a green pumpkin. I honestly can't tell what takes me to these lengths. Call me the manic quilter I guess. I thought I would show you some of the auditions. They will all now turn into bit players in my stash. This first batch tried hard, but they just didn't make the cut, too brown, too blue, too green? I label these the pumpkin wannabes. Next the next picture is a group of what I have named the Great Contenders. These three greens are from Benartex's William's Inn by Nancy Halverson. Have you seen this line? Queen B's out in Antioch has the whole line. Yummy stuff! It's a huge line and has beautiful prints and colors. Well just when I thought I was going to use that little William's Inn plaid, I ran into This awesome woolie! It is a Maywood Woolie. It's flannel with a woolie look, too cute and it played the part of the pumpkin perfectly!
This will be my contribution to the pumpkin patch. As of right this second there are 3 pumpkins left that are looking to be picked. If you would like to join us please check it out and respond ASAP!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another Day, Another Green (yuck, yuck... Green Day!) Well, the 3rd times a charm thing didn't work, that green faded into nowhere land when I put it on my tan background. Tonite I brought home another green, it's in the dryer, we'll see. I have no great expectations, I'm goin with the flow, if it works - AWESOME, if doesn't work - AWESOME, I'm stash building. So now I'm appliquing the haunted house again and ignoring the green situation. I just got this in an email, have heard it yet? It CRACKED me up!!
Last night, my friend and I were sitting in the living room and I said to her, "I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug.
"She got up, unplugged the TV, and threw out my wine.
She's such a bitch.....
:-) nite nite

Monday, September 17, 2007

IT'S NOT EASY BEING GREEN! I had never considered myself to be green challenged. At one time green was my favorite color. It kinda got pushed aside because of my love of RED. But I still like green. I have green all around me.
I even have a green bathroom.
I have green glass in the window sill and a green stash in the closet! I realize that it isn't a huge green stash, but keep in mind that my repros and Christmas greens aren't represented. I never thought I could relate to Kermit, but I kinda enjoyed his little song: Why am I so challenged by green? It's all about the perfect pumpkin. I want Pumpkin #34 to be the perfect pumpkin. I know I worry too much!!! So what I really want to know is... at what point does blue turn green and green turn brown? The right is the first green I bought, is it too blue? the left is the second, too brown? I think the top one is just right, it was the third and you know that saying about the 3rd being the charm, it will make a charming pumpkin! I'm gonna use it and be done with it!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Details you ask??

I too was amazed when I saw this particular coffee pot. Silly me I didn't even bother to look up reviews. Still haven't. It may have drawbacks that I haven't found. This is the link to the product at Cuisinart:
It is a 12 cup coffee brewer. You fill your cup with the lever. There is a series of baskets that contain it all, I'll try to show you since the link above is useless!!
Picture one is the insides taken out. The larger black receptacle (which has a handle) is what your coffee drips into once it is brewed. The smaller basket is the filter/coffee holder (it also has a handle) and nests inside the larger.
Picture 2 is where it all sets, picture taken from the top of the maker. You pour water in the opening on the right (there is also a replaceable water filter there) The water goes up thru the lid and drips down. The heating element is the round lighter spot. This picture is taken without the coffee receptacle.
Picture #3 is the inside of the coffee receptacle. You see it also has a round metal disk that matches with the one in the machine. That is what keeps it hot. The only down side that I have found so far, is that I have to remember to turn it off. I think I can program it to turn off too, I haven't gotten that far. So how we doin? Any questions?

I'm Rev'd Up and Rarin To Go

I've been hearing about this "Retail Therapy" and saw what it did for Vicky. I decided that I could use a little therapy myself. Yesterday the only thing I accomplished was this beauty.
Wow I love this contraption! No carafe to get busted, no coffee burning, no thermal carafe that doesn't keep your coffee warm enough. All I have to do is put my cup under there and press the lever. It even has a little gauge like the fuel gauge in my car.... It actually has an "E" & "F" LOL!
Gotta love Cuisinart. It was pricey... but I'm worth it!
I was able to stop and get a batik for the turtle quilt. I ended up going brighter. It's in the wash. The coffee's working, I'm buzzed, gotta go... Toodles.... later..... :-)

Saturday, September 15, 2007


I'm in some sort of funk! I think it's called overload. I can't decide which way to turn. I even tried climbing back in bed! It started with me making a pot of coffee and forgetting to put the pot on the coffee maker. If you would have told me I'd be cleaning under my sink today, I would have called you a big liar!! Funny thing is, it's all my own doing. I took the trip to Sew Ewe Quilt shop yesterday. The shop is looking good, they've expanded and have more fabric and have a nice little $5 a yard area. I only came home with two pieces of fabric and no GREEN!!! Actually I supervise a gal who is having her first grandchild. I want to make her a grandmother's quilt because her daughter won't let her purchase stuff for the baby unless she approves. Well, Mary loves turtles and mermaids. They make her so happy. It's nice to see Mary happy, Mary's 19 year old son was murdered about 6 years ago and she is still grieving. She breaks my heart. My hopes are that this grandchild will help her move on to a happier life. ANYHOO.... here's the pattern I want to make . Cute huh? The two pieces of fabric I picked up were for this, but now I need one more. Aww gee I gotta go fabric shopping again! Ok the blue will play the role of the white fabric and since this little one will be a girl, I'm hoping to find a nice clear pinky pastely floraly batik to play in the red role. I fell in love with this pretty blue it's Jelly Frost by Andover. It reminds me of sparkling water. Of course the back is going to be this Laurel Burch Mermaid Print. So now this is another project to occupy my poor little overloaded brain. You tell me, should I work on Pincushions? Still have 40 of those. What about Pumpkin blocks? I'm gonna need 36 of those and need to decide which fabrics to use. Maybe I should go looking for fabric or should I sit and applique on my Happy Hauntings? What ever I do, I need to get going, the day is wasting away!! added note: I'd better go buy a coffe pot so I can get something done tomorrow!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Modem Snafu

Well it wasn't Fritz after all, good thing, cause he usually causes problems. I guess my modem was just having a hot flash or something. When I got home from my Wed. nite group I started messing around and found a button on the back of the modem. Turned it off and on and Voyla!! Here I am and I didn't even get a pumpkin made. I started working on my haunted house block. Just got a few windows turned. So far I've bought two greens for my pumpkin and can't decide which to use, since I can't decide I figure there must be a better one out there. On the hunt again! It's a sickness ya know. Sew Ewe Quilts is having their anniversary sale starting Friday, is this just an excuse? We'll see. Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Due to Technical Difficulties

there will be a brief delay in programming. WHAAAAAA, my computer's on the fritz and I'm posting from the office which is a big NO NO! Hope to be back soon. I'll be busy working on pumpkin #34. I know a couple of you have taken the plunge. What's your #? Don't have one? Join us!!! Hit that link in the post below. Hope to see you soon.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hey There Pumpkin Lovers

Anne Sutton posted a link to a pumpkin swap today and I jumped or maybe fell right in. This should be fun. Hope you join us. I can't wait to see all of these little pumpkins!

Remains of the Day

Yep, that and the memories of another fun filled day with friends. I bet you thought today's blog would be all about the spoils of our shopping. Actually it was more about the pile in this picture. We made astounding progress on a secret group project. I hope to show you the end results in a few months. All of you bloggin buddies were so right!!! Omy, I stayed up till 1:30 fretting over the house, I got up at the crack of dawn to make food for my guests. I repeat, you were so right!! I was so tired and terribly grouchy. I shouldn't have worried. The plan of the day was to meet at my place at 8am. The C&T sale started at nine and we wanted to get in as soon as possible. I'm about 5 minutes from the sale so I thought we'd have time for some nourishment before we faced the events of the day. I was ready with a nice little feast. Southwest quiche, strawberries, scones, juice, coffee. But all for naught. Holly was right on time, but with no appetite. The Debs were running late, so we ended up meeting them at C&T. The C&T sale is an annual event. It has been 3 years now and nothing will top the first one. The prices are awesome and what they called "damage" would amaze you. All of these books were in the damaged section at three bucks a piece. I was lucky enough to get some newer publications and just as lucky to find a couple of older ones. I bought a few others but those may turn into gifts and I wouldn't want to give away any secrets. After C&T, it was decided that we would go to breakfast with a stop first at ThimbleCreek. ThimbleCreek was bustling with activity. They were having their Saturday Block Party pick up and a 30% off backing sale. Plus cut fat quarters were only $1.25. I couldn't pass up the fatquarter deal. I'm always looking for backgrounds and bits of this and that for applique. This was a steal. I did control my desires tho. Infact I thought I was very good!!!

Then we were off to breakfast and Main Street Quilts to visit Susie and her awesome shop. I wish I would have had my camera with me. Main Street was blocked off for a custom car show and our little downtown was packed with colorful cars (and colorful people too).

We'd all had enough shopping by then so we skipped Cotton Patch sale and went back to the condo and got down to the business of the day! SEWING!

The quiche end it up as an early supper and my brunch today, so nothing is wasted. I 'm lazing around, doing laundry and getting ready to start another set of pincushions and prep another of the Happy Hauntings blocks.
I just looked down at my jammie bottoms and Tweety is looking up at me with his hands on his hips saying "Don't Mess With Me!" Maybe I could learn a few things from Tweety!
Hope you have a great week!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

If I had a Magic Star Wand...

What would I do? Well first off I would swish away my extra pounds, improve thy self first, right? then I would swish myself into retirement and good health. Dream on...
Today I'd like to swish my condo into a squeaky cleandom. The Debs (Deb and Debbie) and Holly are coming for a sew day tomorrow. OH MY! C&T Publishing is having their warehouse sale and Cotton Patch is having a Copy Cat sale (they are gonna fill their parking lot with lots of goodies at good prices), Thimble Creek is having a sale and we all want to go to lunch and hit Main Street quilts in Martinez too! Wait, when are we gonna sew? This is guaranteed to to be a FUN day so I need to get prepared and here I am blogging.
One thing at a time, right?
1. dream
2. blog about dream
3. blog about clean
4. then clean.
It all makes sense in my mind.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Ramblings

I just know this day is going to speed on by, and I'll be back to the grind in a blink of an eye. Poet I'm not! I've kinda lazed around all weekend, not getting much done. A little cleaning, a little sewing, a little applique and a whole lot of computer time. So many blogs, so little time. One poke leads to another. Quilters do get around. I was surprised to read a comment by Kathy, and found that she will be at the retreat that I'm making the pincushions for! Small world. She also mentions that she went to Asilomar. I had the privilege of attending Asilomar last year (06). It was an out of the blue gift to me that is filled with memories that I will cherish forever. The class was with Freddy Moran and we made quilts. What fun! SO MUCH LAUGHTER! She is such a hoot, so much personality and joy. Her love of color and chaos is contagious. I was sooooo out of my box in this class. Everyones, quilts were wild and lovely. I tried to control mine, lol. (I wanna cry, I've lost my pictures from this retreat!) Well anyway, I did my quilt opposite of any of the others. While making the blocks, it occurred to me that the white pieces were looking like pant crotches! So the quilt was named "Tightie Whitie". I finished the top at home so I at least have that picture, and it's still just a top. My 15 yr old granddaughter has claimed it as hers so I guess I should get it quilted. Well I'm off to do laundry and get ready for my week. I have some very special guests coming next weekend. I need to get the quilting condo in ship sewing shape!!


If you haven't been to Asilomar, it's the ultimate quilting retreat, check it out at:

Kim, you can see the complete Happy Hauntings at:

And one last confession, I don't want you to get the wrong idea. I DO buy kits occaisionally, I have recently purchased the Christmas Past Kit and have a few of the Fig Tree Postcard kits to make. OH and of course.... a "few" BOMs!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Like sands in an houglass,so are the SCRAPS of our LIVES

SCRAPS!! Have I told you I love scrappy quilts, I think I did. I've been saving my scraps for years, haven't paid much attention to them, but feeding regularly and they have multiplied as you would expect. A gal in one of my groups started a string/scrap challenge. I thought this was a good diversion and I had just purchased some awesome black tone on tone so it sound it perfect. Off I went to search for the perfect pattern. They were mostly doing strings and such, I wanted something different. I refound and Bonnie the Scrap Queen. Bonnie has done a great tutorial on the Spiderweb which brought to mind that I had an old Quilt In A Day book that I had bought for that pattern years ago. VOYLA! Bonnie has you use paper and the book had you use a muslin foundation. Vicky had mentioned deli papers, so I found some and used those. They worked great, but if I do it again I will use muslin. With a muslin foundation it will be very stable. My spiderweb will probably have to be quilted into submission to lay flat. I didn't give myself any rules, I just pulled out scraps and layed them down and trimmed them off, you'll find Christmas fabric next to Easter and brights next to repros and all different widths and colors. I have it on my design wall and as a friend said it's mesmerizing, kinda like looking at a kaleidoscope.

One thing I realized while pawing my scraps... if you wanna know where you've been.... look through your scraps!! It's calling me to finish it, it wants me to revisit memory lane, but alas, I have lots pin cushions to make. All good things in good time.