Sunday, September 16, 2007

Details you ask??

I too was amazed when I saw this particular coffee pot. Silly me I didn't even bother to look up reviews. Still haven't. It may have drawbacks that I haven't found. This is the link to the product at Cuisinart:
It is a 12 cup coffee brewer. You fill your cup with the lever. There is a series of baskets that contain it all, I'll try to show you since the link above is useless!!
Picture one is the insides taken out. The larger black receptacle (which has a handle) is what your coffee drips into once it is brewed. The smaller basket is the filter/coffee holder (it also has a handle) and nests inside the larger.
Picture 2 is where it all sets, picture taken from the top of the maker. You pour water in the opening on the right (there is also a replaceable water filter there) The water goes up thru the lid and drips down. The heating element is the round lighter spot. This picture is taken without the coffee receptacle.
Picture #3 is the inside of the coffee receptacle. You see it also has a round metal disk that matches with the one in the machine. That is what keeps it hot. The only down side that I have found so far, is that I have to remember to turn it off. I think I can program it to turn off too, I haven't gotten that far. So how we doin? Any questions?


Rabbit Stitchings said...

So it keeps the coffee warm inside the unit without burning it and you just get a cup as you want it... interesting... I will have to look at one of these next time I am at a Dept. store... Thanks for the inside look :O)...

Teresa said...

I don't drink coffee but if I did, I would want that setup! :)

I hope you are feeling more energized after your 'retail therapy!

Yvonne said...

Now that's a coffe maker....WOW! I might just need some of that kind of "Retail Therapy" :)

Did you find your green yet? I'm waiting for my pattern and pumpkin fabric.