Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I got lost! LOL, busy, busy busy! I've had a string of pet sitting jobs and of course there is my 9 hour a day job and I've got my own house to take care of and other than that, I haven't been up to much. I did manage to get a prize together for Cara over at QuiltNook and it has been recieved so you can see a picture of my newest pincushion. My pictures were too blurry! Also finished some filler blocks for the Piece and Plenty BOM, a couple of Lost Socks done and 8 friendship stars for a group effort. What else... hmmm... not much... hmmm gosh I need to get busy! I've been busy poking buttons for more Prairie Paisley, I think I have a new plan, I'll tell you more once I get started. Anyway, one shop that I poked at, Forever Quilting, gave very speedy service, but had I to laugh. They were selling what they called misc. pieces. I ordered a 1 yard piece of a Buttercream and Figs print @ $4. Not complaining here, but it was interesting to get it, the piece actually looks like it's been washed and ironed! you know how you can tell from the cut edges? I can't help but think I helped yet another person bust their stash! LOL ! Well enough of the unimportant stuff, down to the real reason for this post; If you haven't seen this already, please go help out and maybe win this beautiful quilt! Such a good cause and for the sweetest little girl. OKPeri's Place has instructions on how you can have a chance to help the cause of Cystic Fibrosis and maybe win a beautiful quilt. Check it out! Well tomorrow is Professional Assistant Day or whatever they call it. I'm heading up a banana split day for about 125. I'm going to go prepare about 15 lbs of strawberries for the occasion. Toodles xoxomar


Cara said...

Hi Mar! Just wanted to pop in and say a great big THANK YOU! I loved receiving your parcel!So fun! So thanks again and I am interested to see what your new plan is for the Prairie Paisley!

Nan said...

I was pooped after I read about all the things you are doing these days, and then I got to the 15 lbs. of strawberries you have to prepare! Good grief, woman! I bet you slept very well that night!
I did see the pincushion you made for Cara, and it is adorable. Nice work, Mar!

Vicky said...

You are one BUSY girl! How did the banana split day go? Made me hungry for one! Fabulous pincushion! ILY