Saturday, October 27, 2007

Double Tagged!!

Ok, don't wanna be a party pooper so I'll play along. Giz tagged me for the 10-20-30 years ago. After you've been tagged, and answer/post, you need to go over to RelevantBlog and leave a comment and link. As boring as my life is, here goes....
  • 10 years ago - Was working as a clerk for the Department of Human services, going to a lot of Jr. College football games raising my then 18 year old son.
  • 20 years ago - Was working for the Dept. of Human Services, I had already been working for them for 6 years. Raising my then 8 year old son.
  • 30 years ago - I just got hired at the library, but I must have had too much fun cause by the end of 77 I was pregnant with my son. If you are still awake, I'm gonna tag Vicky, West and Laurie - Good Luck Ladies Then my sweet friend Vicky tagged me for 4 MeMe (notice her name is first up there?)
  • 4 Jobs: Worked in a Florist; Fry cook; Clerk; Clerical Supervisor
  • 4 Films I could watch over and over: Pride and Predjudice (any version); Dr. Zhivalgo; It's a Wonderful Life; Elf
  • 4 TV shows I watch: Desparate Housewives; Brothers & Sisters; Masterpiece Theater; City Confidential
  • 4 Places I've Lived: Martinez California, Houma LA, Katy TX, Concord California
  • 4 Favorite Foods: Any homemade soup, grilled cheese, broccoli, any kind of pie :-)
  • 4 Favorite Colors: RED, Blue, Green, and all of the others
  • 4 Places I would like to be right now: Quilt market, mountains, quilt retreat, with friends
  • 4 Names I love but could not use on my children: Chloe, Amanda, Mathilda, Benjamin
  • 4 People I'd love to tag: Gloria, Giz, Erin and Gail

Now why was this such a chore? See ya later!


West said...

Intesting, and your life doesn't seem boring to me. I love learning more about people! Missed you at quilting last night.

Gizmo said...

Why was it a chore? You're a very interesting person! :^)
I just put mine up too.

Nan said...

I enjoyed reading about you, Mar! Thanks for sharing!