Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This is the wall hanging in my office.
Good Jack-Bad Jack, kinda like my personality ;-)
Thought I would post before I head to bed. We've had a pretty good earth shake in the area tonite, hope all is well with my blogger buddy Theresa, she lives very near.
I've made a pot of chili for the office tomorrow and also tried a new recipe for a pumpkin cake. All of the little guinea pigs at work can test it. All it takes is an angel food cake mix and a can of pumpkin with some pie spices. Hope it's good. It drives me nuts not knowing if it's good or not.
Hope you have a fun day tomorrow!

I sure hate see this holiday come and go so quickly. Would you believe I saw the beginnings of a Christmas tree lot tonite. They have campers and stakes and a porta potty already!! Nuthin like rushing things!


Perry said...

Mar, please post this recipe. It sounds like it would be a good one. I heard on the news about the quake, but supposedly no one was hurt. One thing after another out there right now. Wow! Hope the troops love your cake!

Gizmo said...

I'd love to get the recipe too. :)
Glad to hear you're alright.
Our little drug store already has a "section" decorated for Christmas. :S

Carol said...

Christmas seems to come faster and faster every year...we were in Lowe's the weekend after Labor Day and they were taking out all the grilling stuff and putting up the Christmas stuff...artificial trees everywhere. YIKES!

Angie said...

Love your 'Good Jack-Bad Jack'! :) And that chili and cake sound yummy!! Did you have any leftovers? Can I come to your house tonight for Halloween??? LOL

JudyL said...

Mar, all you had to do was cut a chunk out of that cake and taste it! I'm anxious to hear how it turned out.

Nan said...

Love the quilts you made, Mar - they're so cute!
Your food looks delish!!
I saw a Christmas commercial on tv last night!! Yikes!