Thursday, October 18, 2007


OH Lucky me, I work a 9/80 shift and have every other Friday off. I pay for it by working an extra hour every day but my alternating Friday. That other Friday is an 8 hour day and my cherished short day. Tomorrow is my Friday off. So today is my "Friday". LOL, have I totally confused you? I didn't get much done this week. It's been stressful and busy at work and have come home too tired to get much done. I did go to my Wed. nite group last nite,but ended up taking out what stitches I put into my haunted house. I just visited and came home a little early. This morning and most of the day, I've been feeling kinda yucky. Hope a good nites rest will cure it!
So what does this leave me with?
A Boring Blog, that's what it leaves me with!!
Leaves..... This is a little wallhanging that I did when I met with my old Wed. nite "stitch and bitch" group. A few quilter friends lived on a court and we would sew in their garages and watch the kids play out in the court. During the summer it was fun, we moved inside when it turned colder. We'd go on field trips to Thimble Creek and out to dinner and exchange gifts at holidays. We don't meet any longer, but I do have this little quilt to remember the fun we had. I hang it my office every year around this time.
This weekend is designated as the BIG P WEEKEND, I have to get down to business with those pumpkins and pincushions! I have 3 wonderful days to get something accomplished. Wish me luck!
I'm going to leave you with some before and after pictures of Precious. When she moved in with me it was summer and I made my son get her a shave, LOL, she got clipped pretty good. Her new "do" is growing back, it looks better on her but doesn't look so good on my dark clothing!! Hope you all have a productive, if not, a FUN weekend, doing what you love most.


Darlene said...

HMMM - today is really Thursday but this week it's Friday for you but not the rest of us. Now next week you have a regular Friday like the rest of us and you have Thursday like the rest of us - Have I got it? LOL

Enjoy the "P" week end! :-)

PamKittyMorning said...

Ahh those legendary pincushions! I don't know how you can stand to make so many of one thing.. I just go nuts with that. Can't wait to win the retreat!

Laurie Ann said...

That before picture of the kitties is fun. It looks like the same gat duplicated in the opposite color!

Doodlebug Gail said...

A day off ..... how lucky! Enjoy. Cute kitties. Good luck with the P's - it's not long before Retreat now.

Mama Koch said...

I totally understand! We have 5/4/9. You work 5 days one week, four the next--9hr days with every other friday off. I usually stick with the 8-hr shift and just work enough OT to make the last friday a half-day--or take the whole day and use AL. It all works out in the wash, right?!

The kitties are cute.

Cheryl said...

Loved the story about your group that use the meet, in the garage while watching the kids. What wonderful good memories. The leaf
quilt is great! Kitties,too cute!
Now about those pincushions? Love
pincushions, can't wait to see some

Vicky said...

But you already have MINE done, right? :)

The kitties are adorable - and I love the leaves! 20 more days!!!!!

Nan said...

I hope you're enjoying your day off, Mar! Enjoy making the P's!!
Love the before and after pics of Precious - what a cutie pie! Also love the leaf quilt - so very pretty, and what a lovely memory!

Rabbit Stitchings said...

Quite a schedule you have going! But hey if it gets you a extra day off then its good.

I have to agree the white kitty is quite pretty with all her fur, but I can so see that would be a ahhh well everywhere! :O)... we do love our furry friends!

Thimbleanna said...

Hey! I'm a 9/80 person too! Don't you love it? I can't imagine working without it -- if I MUST work, at least it is a little more bearable! Thanks for visiting my blog. Love your little kitties!